Research Projects

Youth and Young Adult Engagement for Success (YYES) Research Lab

I have established the Youth and Young Adult Engagement for Success (YYES) Research Lab with the purpose to systematically investigate emerging and complex lives of youth in Canada and globally and build capacities of youth to take action to improve their lives and that of their communities. The goals of this program of research are to examine the relationships between youth-place-policy by developing, implementing, and evaluating models of youth engagement and mobilizing evidence about interventions that impact health and health equity. Work in the YYES lab involves community-based participatory research (CBPR), qualitative and quantitative methodologies, arts-based methods, and is grounded in health promotion and socio-ecological theory.

Research Interests

Positive Youth Development
Chronic Disease Prevention, HIV, Mental Health and Substance Use, Food Security
Population Health Invention Research
Knowledge Translation
Arts-Based Methods; Photovoice, Theatre, Storytelling
Community Based Participatory Research
Narrative Inquiry
Critical Inquiry

Current Research Activities

PI: Fournier, B., Christianson,T., Moody, M., Estrela, C., Burrows, A., Joe, L. What Can We Learn From Rural Youth? A Community Based Participatory Research Study. Social Science and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC). (2 years, 2018, Funded).

PI: Olstad, D, O., Hara, H; Co-Applicants: Ball, K, Lebland, P, Nykiforuk, C, Black, J, McCormack, G, Sajobi, T, Downs, S, McLaren, L, Fournier, B, Minaker, L. Does the BC Farmers’ Market Nutrition Coupon Program improve the dietary behaviours and psychosocial well-being of low-income adults? (3 years 2018 Funded). Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR) Project Grant.

PI: Bourque-Bearskin, L, Mahara, S. CoPI: Fournier, B, Buckley, B, Hoot, T, McCreight, R. Indigenous Knowledge In Nursing: Coyote’s Teachings. (2 years 2017-2019 Funded).

PI: Fournier, B. Youth and Young Adult Empowerment for Success (YYES). (1 year 2017-2018 Funded). Community Based Research Grant, Thompson Rivers University.

PI: Fournier, B.; CoPI: Bilash, O., Maina, G., Okello, S.; Co-Applicants: Banks, K., Harrowing, J., Nykiforuk, C., Sommerfeldt, S., & Strudwick, G. Reducing HIV-related Stigma in School Children in Northern Uganda: A Multi-level Arts- based Population Health Intervention. Submitted. ($725,000- 4 years). Project Grant, 2018 Spring. Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR).

Completed Research Activities

PI: Fournier, B. PhD dissertation Building Knowledge and Capacity to Support Healthy Eating and Active Living Policies in the Canadian Arctic. 2014-2016.

PI: Kalia, K., Cleverley, K. Co: Fournier, B. Role of the Registered Nurse and Registered Practical Nurse in Mental Health. 2015-2016. ($10,000 Funded). Centre for Addiction and Mental Health.

PI: Ghuloum, S. CoPIs: Siddig, A, Abdulla, M, Woodruff, P, King, M, Fournier, B. Partners in Promoting Mental Health Awareness in Qatar 2013-2015. Qatar Academic Health System- Clinical Sub-Committee. ($3.5 Million, Funded).

PI: Bridge, A, CoPI: Fournier, B. The experience of orphaned children, HIV sero-positive children living in Manna Rescue Home, Fort Portal, Uganda, 2010-2012. A qualitative pilot study, photovoice was used as a participatory action research (PAR) method to explore the experience of orphaned, HIV sero-positive children aged 12 and older, living in a group home setting in Fort Portal, Uganda.

PI: Fournier, B. The Role of Ugandan Nurses in Caring for Individuals with HIV illness 2003-2004. Field Research in Uganda (Kampala) for Masters Thesis, 2003. ($25,000 CIDA & FSIDA Funded). Participatory Action Research Project involving nurses in the identifying, planning, implementing and evaluating of the research study.