Energy Medicine

The type of energy medicine that I utilize in my work with individuals and communities is called Cellular Transformation and Transmutation. It is powerful healing transmissions that clear and purify the cellular memory where trauma and programming is stored at its origins.

We can permanently release old stagnant dead energy that no longer serves us through Cellular Transformation and Transmutation. This affects every aspect of ourselves. By clearing and purifying our cellular memory, we release old programming, belief structures and imprints of disease, all that is not in alignment with our highest potential – all that is not based on love. This is an alchemical process whereby the pain of past traumas and imprinting become the light of a newfound power and freedom- integrating ourselves into anew. We can transform and transmute our pain into love growing into our highest potential- your best most loving self.

This work combines healing transmissions with sound, music, exercises and invocations to facilitate the release of all the old charge that we carry within us. There is a very loving energy at the heart of all things and it is available to each of us. This energy has been called by very many names – Source, Creation, Nature, Universe, God, Creator, Great Spirit, Higher Self, Original Self, Life, Love, Unity, Wisdom…..and so on. It is energy medicine for our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies through all space and time healing the many layers of our existence.

If this work resonates with you and feels right please contact me for private one on one sessions or group workshops.